10 Summer Must Dos



It’s July y’all! Which means we are in the heart of Summer! Aren’t you happy?! We are! What’s not to love about this summer month. We love it even when it rains because the rain is warm and refreshing and waters our plants without us having to do it. The only complaint we have is that summer doesn’t run for the whole year, which means we need to enjoy it and make the most of it while we can.

Here are a few things that we suggest you do to fully enjoy your short lived sunny season.

  1. Catch one or two or 15 outdoor movie at the various parks around town. Find the listing, there is one almost daily.
  2. Go to the beach. Duh, right? You’d be surprised how many don’t. It doesn’t have to be the ocean, find a lake, a river, a pond, something.
  3. Grill everything and anything. How many opportunities to you get to fire up your grill and eat some deliciousness out in the open? And it’s healthy because you are not using fatty oils to fry anything, just your proteins and veggies neanderthal style, therefor maintaining your summer bod.


    Summer Salsa

  4. Play a tourist in your own city. Go to all the monuments and parks and museums. Some of us only explore our city when we have out of towners with us. This time lets do it for us.
  5. Take the mundane task of “working out” out doors. find yoga instructors that teach in the parks or go biking and running on actually roads. None of that stationary machinery needed when you can soak up some sun and delight your eyes with gorgeous views.
  6. Go to an outdoor concert or music festival and dance to your heart’s delight (this will count as working out too if you do it right)
  7. Road Trip!!! Nothing beats a summer time road trip. it doesn’t have to be a long distance one. Just a day trip to a part of your state you’ve never been too.
  8. Kiss your honey in the summer rain. It looks so romantic and fun when they do it in the movies right? So why not?
  9. Go camping. Find a campground somewhere fun or do it in your backyard. No backyard? do it on your roof top, balcony, living room…just sleep anywhere but your bed.
  10. Learn something new. Like how to hula hoop, a new dance, a new recipe, to juggle, it really doesn’t matter what just have fun with it.

Sunny Sunflowers

The important thing is that you enjoy this beautiful fun season. But don’t forget to hydrate. All living things need water…drink up! While you’re at it hydrate your plants, they are alive too, they have feelings, they’ll remember the day you forgot to water them (we think).

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