Spring Is Coming!


Spring Waltz

Having experienced the single digit temperatures in the past few days, and a snowstorm, it is hard to believe that Spring is actually right around the corner. Four weeks and 3 day, to be exact, till it’s officially Spring. Yes, we counted. We are ready for Winter to be over too. We are ready to shed off all the layers of long sleeved t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, scarves, hats, and gloves (all worn at the same time). yes it’s been that cold lately.


Spring Garden

As a florist, however, there are more reasons we want the cold and gloom of Winter to be gone and want Spring to be here already! Flowers are just at their prettiest in the spring. We get to play with some fresh cut flowers that are out of season for the most of the year. The pretty daffodils, the lovely tulips, the fragrant hyacinths, the fresh smelling lilacs, the gorgeous campanulas and the many many indoor potted plants like colorful hydrangea plants, the fun tulip plants, daffodil plants, hyacinths plants, and iris plants. And the beautiful cherry blossoms that lend their beauty to make our arrangements both elegant and earthy all at the same time. To a florist, having all these flowers and arranging them for you is like being a kid and a toy store. It unleashes our creativity and make our task fun. And the end result is seen in the gasps and admirations of our customers. Yes, we are super excited that spring is coming. And it couldn’t come fast enough.


Spring Sonata

We also miss the chirp of the birds in the morning, and the laborious bees buzzing from bloom to bloom. The opportunity to show off our pedicures and wear lighter and brighter clothing. Now how do we make the earth spin faster to shorten the bitter cold of winter and land in the worm freeze and happier air of spring? Really, that’s a serious question, how can we do it? We want to start working on our spring arrangements ASAP.


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