Ten Ways to Keep Her Happy

Fighting with your girlfriend or wife is not fun.  Sometimes, it seems like that’s all you do because there’s always something she’s upset about.  However, it’s really not that difficult to keep her happy.  Here are ten easy things you can do to keep her from yelling at you.

10 – Put the toilet seat down!  It’s a classic, but it might just be the end to your troubles.

9 – Help out around the house.  If she asks you to take the trash out, don’t wait for three days.  Besides leading to a funky smell in the kitchen, it shows you don’t respect her.

8 – Compromise.  Don’t always expect to get your way.  Couples often have a few different interests, and the key to a healthy relationship is to do things together that she likes as often as you do things together that you like.

7 – Don’t be cheap.  When selecting gifts, get her a quality gift, not what has the lowest price tag.  She’ll notice cheaply made trinket.  Sometimes this means shopping early so you’re not stuck trying to find a last-minute gift.

6 – Be original.  Gifts you make yourself aren’t cheap.  Write her a poem, sketch her, or write a song for her.  No, there’s no cost to you, but these types of gifts are unique and touching.  You don’t have to spend a lot to show her you love her.

5 – Be involved.  Don’t just ask her the routine “how was your day?” when you get home.  Actively engage in a discussion.  Help her cook and clean.  Give one of her hobbies a shot.  You might not like it, but she will appreciate the fact that you took the time to do something she enjoys.

4 – Surprise her.  Bring her a little gift when she’s not expecting it.  Make a reservation at her favorite restaurant without her knowing.  Plan a surprise weekend get-away.  Little surprises every now and then remind her why she fell in love with you.

3 – Apologize when you’re in the wrong.  Don’t hold a grudge, especially if you’re the one who messed up.  Let her know you’re sorry and that the fight is over.  Letting bad feelings linger can sour a relationship quickly.

2 – Compliment her often.  Tell her she looks good, smells good, etc.  Just make sure you’re being sincere.  No one likes hearing compliments that aren’t truthful.

1 – Send her flowers, even when it’s not your anniversary or her birthday.  Women love flowers, and you’re sure to make her smile by giving her a big bouquet of her favorite blooms.  Better yet, send them to her at work so she will be the envy of the office.

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