The Many Mothers In Our Lives

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It’s true that mothers wear many hats. They are the teachers, the doctors and nurses, the confidants, the cooks and nutritionists, the cleaning ladies and launderers, the chauffeurs, the cheerleaders, the personal trainers, … the list goes on and on. But, how about the many women in our lives that wear the mother hat?

Here are those that fall under the “mother” umbrella: the mother that gave birth to us, the mom that adopted us, the mother-in-law, the aunties, the older sisters the older cousins, the grandmothers, the God mothers, our mother’s best friend, out best friend’s mother, … this list goes on too.

We mustn’t forget these wonderful, beautiful, smart women this Mother’s Day. They loved us, cared for and about us, and bought us candy and toys when dad wasn’t looking. Make sure to send them cards, take them  out to lunch or dinner, have a long conversation, run errands for them, send them text messages (yes your grandma knows how to text too), and most importantly, send them flowers. We don’t say that just because we are in the flower industry (ok…fine maybe just a little) but because flowers will say more to them than you could without choking on tears. They will tell them that you love them and appreciate them and only the most beautiful creation on earth compares to their wonderful spirits. You can choose the most elaborate design to a simple bouquet. We also strongly believe flowers are an easy and sure way to becoming your mother’s favorite.

The important thing is that you recognize all the “mothers” you have in your life this holiday. Those that nurtured you and were there to love you unconditionally should never spend the day unappreciated or forgotten.

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