Valentine’s Day: Men’s Perspective


Swirling Beauty

Lets face it, Valentine’s Day, like anniversaries, is all about the ladies. The pressure is on the men to make the day super special. Men know that women have high expectation during this day. All the “we don’t have to do anything”, “we don’t have to go anywhere”, “you don’t have to get me anything”, “I really don’t care”s are tests. Tests men will be graded on, judged on, compared with, and tests men should want to pass with flying colors. There is, however, an element that hinders their ability to succeed. And that stumbling block are women. The big pile of complicated enigma that women are, assume men should know what they want from them without actually telling them. Because, naturally, men can read minds.


Springtime In Paris

Valentine’s Day is a day that causes men to scratch their heads and figure out what exactly women want and what they mean when they say “I don’t need anything”. It’s a day they’ll need to think of a way to up their ante and do something spectacular where their every day wooing and romancing pales in comparison. This is not August 3rd or June 5th or November 20th. This is February 14th. The day they know their honey has little hearts in her eyes and has great expectations despite of her protests. They know that she wants to receive those gorgeous red roses and teddy bears and candy at work so she can show off. They know that she wants to go to work or call her girl friends the next day to brag about what her man did for her. They also know that their plan needs to be better than their last one. Ignoring the day and not doing anything is not an option, or making up for it will be doubly expensive. Yes it is stressful. Trying to figure out what their woman wants IS exhausting.


Dreaming In Pink

Here is where a good florist comes in handy. A good florist facilitates. Beautiful roses? Got’em. Cuddly stuffed animals? Yup! Balloons declaring your love? Duh! Delicious gourmet chocolates? Of course! Deliver them to her job and allow her to boast what a loving, thoughtful, romantic, and totally deserving of her heart baby she has? Totally! But, the key word here is a good florist, not one that will take your order, your money and promises you the world to only find that she didn’t receive her flowers on the right day and when she did get them, they were in a cardboard box so she’d have to arrange it herself taking the magic of all of it away. And on top of all that, they never contacted you to tell you. Do your research, know who you are dealing with. Better yet, call us. We got your back Mrs Man.


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