When You Send Flowers Think F.R.E.S.H.


Cheers to You - Fresh!
Cheers to You - Fresh!

When it comes to floral gifts, consumers rely most frequently on their local florists, according to recent research conducted by The Michael Cohen Group. The reasons abound, including the scope of florists’ professional experience, product quality and convenience.

Rebecca Cole, professional floral designer and co-host of Discovery Channel’s Surprise by Design, recommends thinking F.R.E.S.H. whether you’re sending flowers across the country or around the corner.

Find your florist, one that you connect with and who will be your florist for every occasion. If you don’t already have a florist, ask a friend or family for names of florists they know and trust. Visit the Florist Directory.
Research the different kinds of flowers available. Knowing the names of flowers is easier than you think and is a lot like learning about fine wines or gemstones. Click here for a floral library.
Evoke emotion. While 88 percent of people agree that a gift of flowers changes your mood for the better, evoke an even stronger emotion by sending your friend’s favorite flowers or colors. Your florist will be able to help you achieve your desired feeling. And, make the gift extraordinary by crafting a card message that has special meaning.
Send a surprise! Most people say “just because” is the best reason to receive flowers. Gifts have the biggest impact when they are unexpected.
Have confidence knowing you sent a great gift. Flowers fit everyone. Ninety-two percent of women can remember the last time they got flowers and 97 percent of women and men can remember the last time they gave someone flowers. And, those surveyed describe flower givers as “thoughtful and sophisticated” people.

“When you send flowers, you send memories that last forever,” Cole said. “Flowers are powerfully poetic. Their beauty and nature simply make people feel special.”
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