Why Administrative Professionals Have the Power

Administrative Professionals' Week April 19 - 23, 2010
Administrative Professionals

Let’s face it. Administrative professionals make our lives run more smoothly.
They have the keys to the kingdom and they silently rule behind the scenes.
What gives them the power? We have some ideas.

They Hold the Knowledge

Administrative professionals keep track of information. They organize it. Categorize it. Keep it handy. On the computer, in the file cabinet, on your desk and in their heads. They hold the addresses to every business contact, every place that delivers for lunch or late work nights, every document ever written, your expensables, your favorite meeting places and your favorite coffee.

They Are the Gatekeepers

Someone need to see you today? They have to pass through the admin pros’ screening process. Whether they warrant a call or are given an appointment or redirected to another manager, the admin pro decides. Someone selling something? The admin pro decides if they get to cross your threshold. Phone calls are
handled according to priority, and the flow of traffic into your office magically gets coordinated with your calendar.

They Manage Time

How does one manage multiple meetings, places and people every day? One has an admin pro in control. Setting appointments, reserving conference rooms and meal reservations, dental appointments and car maintenance are pencilled in and available on your desktop or PDA. Need an extra half hour a day for a new project? Guess who can make that happen.

They Book the Trips

Do you like having your flight booked, transportation arranged and hotel reserved? Thank your administrative professional for knowing the best prices for the better seating, luxury cars, and 4 star accommodations. Flight delayed? You know who you are going to call.

They Set the Tone

Does your office seem calm and in control? Again, thank your administrative professional. From the personal mementos to the amount of desktop clutter to the wall art, to the way they dress, the admin pro sets the stage for all who enter your outer office. They keep their cool in person and on the phone. They buffer the noise and direct traffic. They make sure that someone is taking care of the coffee and that there are fresh flowers in the foyer. They choose the music, the magazines, the snacks, and everything that makes you look good.

They Know the Secrets

Working on a new project that needs to be kept hush-hush? From corporate matters that are highly confidential to office relationships to passwords to personal issues, chances are strong that your admin pro knows it all. And keeping it to themselves is the true mark of an excellent administrative professional. So respect the administrative professionals in your office. Appreciate the strength they bring to your business. And, once a year, pay homage.


Maybe you should send flowers.


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