Why Flowers Help Us Communicate

The Language of FlowersThere are many ways you can communicate with people, and not all of them are verbal.  A simple smile, a handshake, a hug: all of these can be ways of communicating.  In fact, sometimes these methods are actually better methods of communicating because in some ways they’re more direct.  We can also use things like flowers to help us communicate and connect with others.

Flowers can be used to say a lot of different things.  The most common way of communicating with flowers is to use them to tell someone how much you love them.  A large bouquet of roses may be a much more effective communication method than simply saying, “I love you!”  This type of communication is very effective, especially if you rarely do it.

Another way flowers help us communicate is when we use them on a random day.  The communication power of flowers on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, for example, may actually not be as powerful because they’re expected.  Flowers sent just because you want to send them, however, can seem much more special and more of a statement about how you feel.

Flowers can help us communicate every day and in many different ways.  Express your sorrow, your love, your happiness…flowers can do all of this, and they can do it alongside our voices to help add a little bit of extra emphasis to the message.

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