10 Best Gift Ideas for Dad


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Daddy’s Day is around the corner and you have no idea what to get him. you’ve done the silly tie, the “world’s best dad” coffee mug, the handy man tools, the barbeque set, the wallets (seriously, how many wallets does one need?) and endless dinners out to a steak house. Now you’re running out of ideas. We’ll give you some ideas you may not have considered. Before we list some of our favorite great ideas we want to remind you when daddy was a super duper hero, when you couldn’t wait to spend time with you, to have him tell you stories, play basketball or baseball or football or soccer with you outside, when he carried you on his shoulders and did the airplane? Don’t you think he deserves something special?


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Here are some of our favorite gifts for dad:

  1. If dad is a whiskey connoisseur sign him up for a year’s subscription to monthly or quarterly bottle deliveries. This will allow him to get to gether with his buddies and show off his vast collection of fine amber you got for him as they merrily taste them.
  2. Get him a personal one-on-one golf lesson so he can perfect or…ahm…improve his swing, so next time he is out on the green he can show off a bit.
  3. Take him to a paintball arena for a fun day with you. It’s a great way to bond and have your dad show you he can still beat you at the game.
  4. Take him to a shooting range. Why not? This is another way you can spend more time with your dad.
  5. If he is a meat lover? there are many services that allow you to get him a subscription for monthly deliveries of various kinds of meats.
  6. Take him camping or fishing. Again this another “let’s spend some time together doing manly things” plan.
  7. Does dad like sports? Does he have a favorite team? Buy a ticket to a game for the two of you. Even if you think his team is the worst, your gift to him is to cheer for his team like they were yours.
  8. Plant a road trip to somewhere he’s wanted to visit but hadn’t had time to go.
  9. His favorite musician or band from his favorite band is having a concert? Buy him a ticket and go with him. Rock hard or mellow out with him.
  10. Give him the gift of doing NOTHING. Take over his chores.

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Notice how the gifts are either a way to spend some time together or giving him something he actually will enjoy. He put a lot of thought in the way he raised you, took care of you, provided for you thinking about what is best for you. It only logical that you put some thought into your gift with what he likes in mind and remembering that the best gift you can give him is showing him that you enjoy spending time with him.


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