10 Habits of a Great Teacher


Be Happy Bouquet

Standing in line at the check out of your local stores this time of the year, you find people with overflowing carts of “stuff” preparing for the upcoming school year. Pens in all colors of the rainbow, papers, markers, post-it notes, highlighters, pencils, tape, rulers, glue etc. Parents checking down a list of all the essentials and some not so very essential items that their child must have. Among those in line is also a teacher. Preparing for the year, buying all the things that his/her student will need to better learn and absorb all the new information he/she has for him.

Great teachers are prepared, passionate about their subject and know what a great responsibility it is to be in charge of a student’s education.

Here are 8 great suggestion that we found on Scholastic.com that can help teachers develop good habits.

  1. Give Parents as many specifics as possible about their child to show them that the student is not just one of many but a unique individual.
  2. Write positive and/or encouraging comments on the student’s work; it is encouraging to the student.
  3. Provide time updates and information to the parents about their child’s progress especially when the student is struggling with a subject or otherwise.
  4. Invite parents to participate or volunteer in class or school activities.
  5. When planning an activity that requires funding from the parents, make sure to give the parents enough notice.
  6. When a student does something positive be sure to send the parents a note. Nothing will make a parent happy than to know their child is doing well.
  7. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the dictated curriculum. This will help the student become well rounded, imaginative and creative.
  8. Have clear roles and make the consequences of breaking those rules equally clear. This will help the student understand the wrong doing, and helps avoid conflict with the parent. Read more here 

And here are our two additional suggestions:

  1. Must love teaching, nothing discourages a student more than a teacher that is lackluster about his/her role in the student’s world.
  2. Understand that each child is filled with enormous potential and it is the teacher’s responsibility to help that potential blossom.

Parents, don’t forget to thank and appreciate your child’s teachers. They do more than what you could ever imagine. And, of course, flower bouquets and green plants for teacher are a delightful way to kick off the new year.


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