10 People Who Need a Holiday Somethin’-Somethin’


Silver Lining

We made our list, and checked it twice, we’ve kept up with who’s been naughty and/or nice, because this is the real world and we are Santa. We don’t have elfs that help with the making and the building and the creating and the wrapping and the taping and the bows and the ribbons and the signing the cards and the….Just the thought of it is exhausting isn’t it?

But in our gift buying and sending to our friends and family frenzy we forget those people that are in the background in our world. Lets take a moment and think about those people that make a difference in our lives.


Double Poinsettia Basket

  • The barrista at the coffee place we go to every morning and greets us with a bright smile and know our names and puts extra whip cream in our coffee.
  • The manicurist that payed extra attention to your nails and spent extra 5 minutes massaging your hands.
  • The neighbor that watered your plants while you were away for a week in the summer.
  • That guy that works in the office downstairs that that helped you haul your pothos plant when you started your job in your new office.
  • The mom that took your kids to school that morning you had a bad cold.
  • The hairdresser that gave you a that special scalp massage that made you almost fall asleep.
  • The boy in your neighborhood that cleared your driveway during THAT snow storm we had last year.
  • The girl that always comes to you to play with your pup and gives him extra ruv and belly rubs.
  • The door man that always offers to help you carry your grocery bags.
  • The mailman that is always on time and is always cheerful.


    Spirit of Christmas Centerpiece

You may say that some of the people in this list are just doing their job. That may be true, but look at how much positives warm and fuzzies they are adding to your life in the smallest way. The simplest gestures and the smallest acts of kindness without expectation of something in return are the ones that deserve a 10 fold return. You don’t have to go crazy with the gifts but a small acknowledgement from you will make their day. A greeting card, a small gift card, a poinsettia, a box of chocolates, a plate of cookies, small stocking stuffer is all that is needed to say “Thank you for your kindness”. Embrace the true spirit of the the holiday. It never is about what you receive. It is about spreading the joy, making someone smile and giving. Especially to those that won’t be expecting it.

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