Spring Forward For Spring


Divine Spring

As we wake up an hour earlier that we’ve been waking up for the past few months, take our first shot of strong coffee/tea/very “appetizing looking green smoothie” we know that Spring is knocking at the door. Even as we rub the crust off our eyes and grunt at the totally unacceptable time to roll out of bed we are happy to know that soon the sun will shine bright, the air will be warmer, the birds will sing, the sky will be blue, the flowers will bloom, the trees will be green and we will feel a LOT lighter sans the fourteen layers of “stuff” we’ve been putting on.

All of the sudden life  feels promising and positive, and all because of the promise of spring is around the corner. We, at MyFlorist are ticked with that prospect too. That whole “flowers blooming in the spring” thing makes us do a jig. Flowers is what we’re about. And the fact that we will get to “play” with so many pretty spring flowers is what we look forward to all year long.



Spring Serenade

It’s true that it rains a lot in spring, and that’s ok. Because it will clean all the snow that winter blessed us with in the tail end of the season. And with lots of rain come lots of green grass and foliage. It’s a rebirth where earth blossoms in its full glory. The happy birds that relocated in the southern warmer regions, fly back and we get to enjoy their happy chirps. The cherry blossom trees in our Nation’s Capital make us feel like we are strolling through the parks in the far east or in a fairy land where everything is just perfect. Seriously, if you haven’t visited, you simply must. It’s the absolute exclamation point of this wonderful season! And the National Mall is at its greenest; your could almost hear the grass cheering with glee.



Your Sweet Smile

Speaking of green, this season comes with an opportunity for us to welcome it with a grand celebration. We call that opportunity St. Patrick Day. So, we welcome you to join us in ushering in the new “green” season! Speaking everything green – from green smoothies to green flower arrangements to green beads – lets talk about our green earth. As we see the seasons change and we enjoy what our earth gives us, let us think about what we can give the earth. Let’s start with our respect and let us all do our part.

Yay for Spring!!!

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