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We are going to tackle the age old question” What do I get her/him for Valentine’s Day? It’s an important decision. You might want to do something different this year or you simply have no clue what s/he likes and want to keep it safe but romantic.

Here are some of our favorite gifts for her:

  1. Flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers. Send them early to set up the romantic weekend. Call your local florist and send them to her job so her coworkers can ooh and aah and go green with envy that she has such a romantic honey that sends her flowers early. Says she is on your mind and couldn’t wait to send her these flowers to  tell her how much you care. Major brownie points for you. You will reap the fruit come March 14th. Note: get hold of a great florist that will get the job done, this is not a day you want to mess up. Trust us, we would know. Those dog house flowers are way more expensive.


    Be My Love

  2. Jewelry. Yup, this one’s an oldie but a goodie too. They do say women love things that shine and glitter and we couldn’t be more offended. Women like things that shine and glitter AND have meaning and substance behind it. Meaning: don’t buy a cheap metal you picked up from the corner store. Have it mean something. Maybe her birthstone or that bracelete she’s been eying or those earrings she saw in the magazine that she earmarked and left on the breakfast table next to your toast “by accident”. We’re not saying you need to spend a ton of cash for it, we’re simply saying that it needs to mean something to her.
  3. A gift card for a spa day. Nothing says I care about you like a day of pampering and luxuriating in fluffy robes having that knot on your shoulders rubbed out. No one will ever put you in the dog house for gifting a day of rest and relaxation.

Eternal Love

And here are some fabulous ideas for him:

  1. First up is the jewelry equivalent to a man. Just like the gifts for her, make sure that they have meaning. We recommend a watch with a  message engraved in the back. this is something he will wear almost every day if not everyday and something he will look at throughout the day. Another great option is a tie clip or cufflinks with a design that means something to him. Either with his favorite sport or team or hobby.
  2. His favorite drink. Is he a Scotch man, perhaps he likes Port Wine or maybe he would prefer Cognac. Whatever it is he likes get that top shelf bottle for him. This is something he will show off to his buddies and impress his bosses with.
  3. Men love some RR&R (rest, relaxation and romance) too. So spoil him. Hist gift could be a nice romantic massage for two (wink wink), followed by a fabulous dinner at his favorite restaurant.


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