Finish The Year With A Bang


Purest Intention

Here we are, winding down the year. Going over the plus and minus of the minuses of 2015. The resolutions fulfilled and those we, ahm, didn’t. No matter how our year went, we know where are the people we are today because of what we learned the whole year. This is a time for reflexion, of making a new resolution and starting a new year with gusto and brimming with positivity.

In order to add some positive energy into the coming year, we need to end this one on a high note. What kind of high note? What ever will make you feel like you are on top of the world and the coming year is going to bend to your will and bring you all the things you’ve worked so hard to get.


Pure Elegance

Get a massage to melt away the past year’s weight. Get a new hair cut for a fresh look. Go to a New Year’s Eve party, there are so many galas and parties in the city, or at a friend’s house or throw one yourself and have a ball and finish the year in style. Most importantly let go of the resentment and all the negative thoughts that pulled you back in this past year. Take a few days off to decompress and regroup so that you have the energy and the alacrity to dive into the promise of the new year. Leave all that is bad and wrong in this year, don’t carry it with you in the new. Don’t let the old year set on your fights, apologize who you’ve wronged (even if you really didn’t do anything wrong) Flowers are great way to apologize…just in case you didn’t know, and they are a sure way of getting forgiveness.


Purest Love

Make sure to also forgive yourself for all those new year resolutions that you set at the beginning of this year and managed to not come close to accomplishing. It’s ok, you are human. To err is our thing, we’re great at it but we are also great at bouncing back and learning from our mistakes. We do it everyday here at our shop and i am sure you do to. But we also know that each and every mistake helps us become better and serve our fantastic customer with the best possible products and services. That’s what makes a great florist. And that’s what make you great…So we say to you our lovelies HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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