How To Schedule Some R&R During The Workweek

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Tulips Together

We’ve all heard the saying “stop and smell the roses”. We in the flower industry roll our eyes at it because we stop to smell the roses, literally, on a daily basis. But we do strongly believe that we need to find some time in the day to shut off the noise appreciate our surrounding, see the beauty in our life and take the time to take a deep breath and decompress.

Weather it taking a few minutes during the day or scheduling some time after work to have some “me” time. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to a spa for a full body massage. it just meant to take a few quality minute for yourself to shake off the daily stress off of your shoulders.

  • Take 5 to 10 minutes to meditate. No we are not talking about attempting to levitate and traveling thru the universe to find yourself. We mean take a few minutes to allow your mind to relax and disengage from the daily thoughts that clutter our mind. Yes it is easier said than done because our mind just won’t quit thinking but with practice every day we can do it. Just take the time to close your eyes and imagine your peaceful place and actively relax each and every muscle of your body.


    That Winning Smile

  • Step out of your office and breath in some fresh air. remove yourself from your work, take your yummy cup of coffee or tea and step out and enjoy our beverage away from that blinking cursor on your screen or that progress report you are working on or the endless list of to-do that keep buzzing on your outlook task manager. Change your scenery for a few minutes and enjoy it.
  • After work reward yourself for a job well done with you favorite flavor of of ice cream or frozen yogurt, sit on a bench and relax while people watching. this can be your time between the work you and the hoe you. your inbetween responsibilities relaxed self
  • When you get home, remember you don’t have to jump in your routine of cooking for your family or doing the laundry or cleaning up or what ever else you need to do for yourself or your family. put your bag down take your shoes off and take a moment to give your family and pets a hug and kiss and absorb all the love they have for you and you have for them. And if you don’t have anyone at home just sit on your favorite chair and close your eyes and luxuriate in the knowledge that you are in your castle where you are the king/queen. put your feet up and take a few relaxing breaths.


    One Fine Day

  • Remember that if you don’t do the dishes one evening or you don’t pick up after yourself one evening the world will not implode. You can get away with one day of doing absolutely nothing, ordering takeout and watching your favorite show or game and drinking a delicious glass of wine or  hot cocoa and just relax.
  • Take the ‘take a moment to smell the roses” saying literally. Get some flowers at home or at work and use it at your haven. it’s a known fact that flowers bring out the happy in us. They do have that power to relax us and give us that warm and fuzzy feeling. You don’t have to take our word for it, check this study out.

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