Our Top 10 Gift Ideas this Christmas

HW0_247260We have all kinds of people with various hobbies, interests, obsessions, characters, personalities and experiences in our life. Old, young, man, woman, sporty, outdoorsy, techie, bookworm, fashionista, trendy and the list goes on and on and on and on. And this being a season of giving, you are wrecking your bran thinking about fun new ideas of gifts you can give them. So here we are with our hero caps coming to save the day.

Now we will tell you that flowers will ALWAYS be the best gift to give for any occasion any season and holiday. You just can never fail with flowers.  but we also know that there are other options out there that can satisfy anyone’s taste.HW0_495737

The key when choosing a gift think of something that that the recipient would like not necessarily what you would like. And don’t assume that the recipient is one dimensional, meaning don’t assume just because the giftee is a Redskins fan, you should get him or her Redskins paraphernalia year after year after year.

So here are some fun things that we thing are awesome gift ideas this year:

  1. Star Wars is all the craze this year and just in time for christmas we have the ultimate toy for young, young at heart, star wars fanatics and tech junkies the Sphero BB-8™ the App-Enabled Droid.
  2. Gone are the days of the Segway PT, hard as it is to believe. We have now embarked the hoverboard era. This option will please the big and small kids, the speed junkies and the Back to the Future fans.HW0_325730
  3. Nothing says you put some serious thought into the gift like a personalized jewelry. and neckless with her name, cufflinks with his initials, a ring with her birthstone, or an engraved watch with a personal message. This will truly tough the heart.
  4. While we are on the personalized theme, nothing says truly personalized like a hand made.custom made item specifically made for a special person. You know how to knit? Then scarfs, gloves, hats, duvet covers are great for those that you know will appreciate the effort. You are a DIY kind of person then go to your neighborhood second hand furniture store and find a chair, a table, an armoire or a night stand that you can work on and make special for your friends or family.
  5. For the sporty people we  give you the Eliptigo. Some genius out there to out the elliptical machine outdoors. It’s and elliptical bicycle guys! How awesome is that?!
  6. Another great gift you can give (other than flowers) that will earn you major brownie point would be a gift certificate for a spa day or a massage. it would make a fantastic gift for a new mother, or a person with a high stress job or an athlete that is bound to have some serious sore muscle.
  7. For the bookworm in your family you can never go wrong with an e-reader. You can even load it with some books that you know the person will love.PHW_494935
  8. To the person that seems to have everything and needs nothing give the gift of your time. This quite possibly may be the best gift you can give someone that cannot be monetized (well it can be but try not to). Just spend quality time with the person.
  9. For the health nut err we mean fanatic err we mean conscious person, a great blender for the morning green smoothie or liquid protein lunch would earn you a thousand thank yous.
  10. Lastly for that person that never has time for anything offer the gift of your help. Maybe it is to go and cook for him or her once a week. or pick up the dry cleaning or get the groceries or do the wash or any other chore the person just hasn’t had the time to tackle and has been accumulating. this is a gift that will give someone some level of peace that s/he wouldn’t have otherwise.

Your gift doesn’t have to cost you a fortune 9it can if you want, nothing stopping you) but the point is in giving your friend or a family member something you know will put a huge smile on their face and lets them know that you put some thought in the gift. And give without expectation. Their reaction is reward enough.



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