Overcoming The “Summer’s Over” Blues


We got the blues, The “I can’t believe summer is over” blues, the “I don’t want to put away my shorts and flip flops and unpack my sweaters” blues, blues. And we got the cure for’em in the form of bright happy flowers.


Summer Breeze

Yes the hot 90 degree days and balmy night are behind us. Yes, we no longer find iced coffee quite appropriate choice of drink in the cool early mornings. Yes, we have swapped the light airy blouses for knit sweaters. But, no, it doesn’t mean the mere change of temperature and the shift of season shout affect our mood when we can bring our own farm and fuzzies indoors. And as a florist, we think the best way to do so is through flowers. You may say we are biased because we are a florist or just out of our mind; both may be true but think about it: you look out of your window and you see the strong autumn winds shaking the leaves off the trees, the rain heavy clouds. We can’t lie, the thought is “sigh” inducing. It makes us shake with summer days withdrawal. And what is the antidote? Bright colors! And where do we find bright colors? In flowers. You want a beautiful flower arrangment of hot pinks, bright yellows, flaming oranges and lush greens to catch you eyes as they start to wonder. We guarantee they’ll turn your frowny face into a miley one.


Sunny Sunflowers

There is something about flowers that has that give instant cheery. Whether they are a massive elaborat arrangement, or a small bud vase of daisies, it doesn’t matter. They are a fool proof, no side effect having, low cost-high yield blues chasers your doctor doesn’t have to prescribe therefor no co-pay needed medicine for your “I can’t believe it’s not summer anymore” blues.

Try it, serious do try it, they give your heart a warmth when you know it’s not outside. Surround yourself with sunflowers and lilies and beautiful hydrangeas and it’s almost like you have your own personal sun smiling at you then the real one is sleeping on the job and had one foot out on it’s way to a looooong vacation.


Heat Wave

There are other way, of course, to combat the end of  summer blues. You can move to warmer climates, you can take a nine month vacation chasing the sun, you can just close the blinds turn the thermostat up, redecorate your house with sunny beach wallpapers and just never leave the house whilst ordering deliveries, netflixing and telecommuting till the summer of 2016 comes around. But all these are not the most cost effective, reasonable or “normal” solutions to be expected from norman, reasonable human being such as yourself (although the whole hibernating till next summer bit is preeeeeetty tempting). Don’t you think? So, go the flowers route.

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