Jump Start Your Spring with Flowers

HW0_278352Spring is just about here!  If you can’t wait for picnics, long walks through the park, and getting to wear all those spring clothes, you might be ready to jump right in.  But there’s still a little bit of time before Spring officially starts, and the weather is sometimes a little unpredictable.  Winter likes to hold back one last chill for March, so don’t put away those jackets just yet.

But there are some ways you can jump start your spring.  Flowers are a great way.  They’re easy to get, affordable, and look amazing.  You can do a lot with just a few flowers.  You can use one big arrangement to make a bold statement, or you can use a few smaller arrangements spread throughout your home to create a feeling of spring being in the air everywhere.  It all depends on what fits your style.

There are a lot of different flowers that work well for the spring.  Roses, violets, daffodils, daisies, gerbera…anything that’s bright and colorful.  Feel free to mix and match colors, too.  Spring is all about the explosion of hues and tones!

If you’re ready to jump start your spring, take a look at some of the amazing spring flowers available in Washington, DC.

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