Escape the Summer Heat

It’s July, and that almost always means it’s hot outside.  Temperatures are creeping up into areas that send everyone indoors and have air conditioners working overtime, especially in the South.  What staying indoors is one way to escape the summer heat, we don’t always have that option.  Here are a few different ideas for escaping the summer heat.

Keep hydrated.  Drink more water and less soda.  Just remember that you can drink too much water too quickly.  If you’re doing a lot of work outdoors, definitely take water breaks, but don’t overdo it.

If you do have to work outdoors in your yard, do it either early in the morning or late in the day so you avoid the highest temperatures.  Be sure to do your watering at these times, too; otherwise, most of the water will evaporate instead of nourishing your grass, flowers, and garden.

Another way of escaping the summer heat is to do as much as you can in the morning or evening.  Try to get all of your errands done in one outing, too, so you can stay inside more.

Do these high temperatures have your air conditioners running almost constantly?  While that might keep you cool, you’ll flip when you see your electric bill.  Do what you can to save on power.  Turn on ceiling fans or get stand fans for the rooms you’re in the most.  If you have a window unit, run it and shut off your central air because window units use much less power.  Also check with your electric company to see if they have special price breaks for those who use less energy during peak times.

Weatherizing your home can also help save on your energy and keep everything cooler.  Install curtains or blinds on all your windows to help insulate them.  Look around windows and doors for any light—if you can see light through them, they aren’t sealed properly, and you’re leaking cold air.  Also take a look at your attic and see if it needs more insulation.

Don’t be overcome by the heat this summer.  These are just a few ways of escaping from the high temperatures and their effects.  State of mind can also play a part in feeling oppressed by the heat.  To keep cool, order yourself a crisp, fresh bouquet of summer flowers in Washington, DC.

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