The Magic of Autumn



Beautiful Impression

Yes, It is officially Autumn now. The leaves are changing from lush greens to amber, Orange, red, purple and brown making the trees look glorious. The hot days are turning into a moody and sultry. you’re unpacked your trusted boots and warm sweaters to combat the sudden cold evening and burst of rain. You’ve savoured the unofficial welcome to fall in the form of PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte). Yes, fall is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

What?! Gasp! Shock! Swoon! Who could possibly be happy about cooler days? A florist, that’s who! You know why? Because we get to play with the most luxurious colors of the season. The flowers have the rich deep colors of the jewels and the earthy, rustic look you find in the countryside. It’s just glorious, nay, it’s magical. We just love it! And we invite you to find the joy Autumn brings the way we have.


Autumn Gemstones

Aside from the delicious PSLs we think there is a lot to look forward to with the start or fall. For starters, the wonderful new season of our favorite TV shows. Yup, they all start in the fall, why? Because Fall is Awesome and the weather allows us to stay home and watch them. You know what else is great about fall? The food! You get to  indulge in some of the best meals you denied yourself in the summer. Like pies. and you know what pie you can make fresh in the fall? Pumpkin pies, because pumpkin is the fruit of the season! You can also have pumpkin bisque, pumpkin stuffed ravioli and pumpkin bread Just pumpkin everything. and then there is pumkins cousin squash for your soups and the famous low carb option for spaghetti. Look it up, so delish! Think about all the reason to drink those hot chocolates? Another thing you will get with Fall – The End Of Day Light Saving! Meaning one more hour of snooze in the morning! Who doesn’t love that?


Fall Fashion

End of summer doesn’t mean end of fun. Fall brings you Halloween, and that is the king of all things fun, from haunted houses to dressing up like your favorite character and letting loose. and let’s not forget Thanksgiving, the day your willingly and blissfully gorge on all the yummy yumminess you can put your hands on and where elastic waist bands are a must.

So, let’s not be sad that summer is over and Autumn has began. Let us be glad and rejoice and absorb all the magic that the season brings… because the possibilities are endless.


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