The Unconditional Love Of A Mother





Make Her Day




Swirling Beauty

There are many loves in this world. Love for animal, love for flowers, love for pet, love for spouses, love for parents, for friends, for material things, for deities… just many many many loves roaming around the air. But the love a mother has for her child is truly unique. It is special, pure, immeasurable and unconditional. A mother’s love is the kind that will envelop you and you will never forget. The older you get the more you understand just how strong and how awe inspiring it is. It’s a selfless love and a love that should be honored.

A mom would sacrifice EVERYTHING for her child. Literally, EVERYTHING, including her life is it mean her child could live. A mother forgets all the pain her child could cause her and continue to love him/her. Would turn heaven and earth to insure her child is happy. Will hide her tears and her pain to see her child smile. She is strong when we need her to be, soft, sensitive, firm, or compromising other times. she is our best friend, our sister, our advisor, the family lawyer (judge, jury and law too), the doctor, the nurse, the chauffeur, the teacher, the coach, the storyteller, the boogieman chaser an so so so much more all because she loves you. She loves without expecting anything in return, she loves not because it her duty but she can’t do anything but to love you without reason other than that you are child. But when you tell her you love her too she is the happiest woman that’s ever existed. her love is that great.

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Sweet As Sugar

So you tell us, this woman that infinitely loves you without conditions or expectations, doesn’t she deserve to be treated like the queen that she is at least one day of the year? We think we need to lay the whole world at our mother’s feet but that’s us. At the very least we need to lay the fruits of this world at her feet, you know like oranges bananas and ahm ahm FLOWERS. Like mother’s we believe flowers are wonderful just because they are not because they want to be told they are wonderful. the give us beauty and warm happy feeling just because they can and that is simply what they do much like mothers. They are pure and honest and are cheery when you need a lift, congratulatory when you need to celebrate, and calming when you feel anxious….you know who else does that? Moms, of course. So, we think, that it’s no surprise that the best gift for a mother, other than your love, is a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. And we have them for you.


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