The Wonderful World of Flowers

myflorist_worldofflowersFlowers are wonderful!  Who doesn’t love these bright, cherry blooms?  The world of flowers is a lot wider and varied than people expect.  For example, while florists are the largest profession that deals with flowers, there are other jobs that involve flowers, too.  Someone has to grow these flowers, for example.  Then they have to be shipped to the florist and to other parts of the world.  There are even some edible flowers that are cultivated.

But flowers are more than just a job.  Flowers affect our moods.  The saying “stop and smell the roses” is used when we want to tell someone to slow down, but there’s some actual benefit to stopping and smelling a rose.  The scent can trigger memories of other times you were given roses.  Smelling flowers can help you to relax, remember better times, and make you happier.  Studies have even shown that flowers can affect our moods for the better!

Looking to cheer someone up?  There are many different flowers out there, and unless you’re allergic to every type, there’s at least one flower you’ll love.  Some are traditional, like roses, while others are a little less common.  When choosing flowers for someone, you can go by type if you know what flower they love the best.  If you’re not sure about that, let color be your guide: if they love the color yellow, look for some gorgeous yellow flowers to send.

Still not sure?  Talk with your florist.  They do more than just sell flowers—they’re creative people who can create custom designs using the flowers or colors of your choice.  Here at MyFlorist, we can take you for a journey through the wonderful world of flowers and show you some amazing arrangements!  Let us put together a flower bouquet in Washington, DC, for you today!

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