When “Thank You” Is Not Enough…


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Sometimes, when someone does something truly spectacular that knocks our socks off, a simple “thank you” feels inadequate. Even an “OMG, Thank you so so so much!” is sometimes insufficient. At times, we are at a loss for word and we feel anything we could possibly say, wouldn’t fully express our gratefulness effectively. This is where we need to be creative and think of a way you make the person feel like s/he is just about the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. It’s time to show her/him s/hes the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, a peach, in short the awesomest thing since kale chips.


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We’ve been taught to say please and thank you and it’s become part of our DNA. An automatic response to people when they do something for us like holds the door open for us, lets us pass first while driving, gives us a cup of coffee in the morning, hands us a news paper etc. “Thank you” “thanks” “‘preciate it”  or ‘thumbs up’; so simple that we don’t even think about them anymore. Let’s consider for a moment what we are thanking them for. Their simple acts of kindness makes a difference in our day. it may be something the person does without actually consciously thinking that s/he is doing something kind, it may be second nature, but when we do thank that person let the words be sincere. Let the person know that you are in fact thankful for the simple deed.


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And then there are those superhero size actions that have us collecting our jaws from the floor; we need an equally grand way of showing the person exactly how grateful we are. Granted that the person may not expect anything in return but we believe that EVERYONE wants to feel appreciated. It is our duty to  make that happen. Yes, we can dedicate prime real estate on our Facebook status and go into full detail with pictures and tags and gush about what s/he did for you so the whole world know what a great human being s/he is. That great but sometimes we just need to go a step above and beyond publicly singing praises.

Do something. Something that will say “The english language (or any other language) does not have enough superlatives to fully express exactly how much I appreciate what you did for me so I needed to show you”. Something less embarrassing than a singing telegram but more expressive than a post-it note with “thanks” on it…we, of course being a florist, think flowers are a great balance. And if the person is not a flowers person (no such thing) you can send a beautiful plant that says THANK YOU FOREVER or a delectable fruit and gourmet basket. Seriously….do it. Thank someone today.


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