Why Talking to your Plants is Good for the Planet

Many people have said that talking to your plants is good for them, but is it really?  Is this just a myth or an old wives’ tale?  Well, many people swear that talking to their plants or playing music for them helps them grow.  In fact, according to one story, the man who grew the largest tomato in the world did so after putting headphones on it so it could hear soothing music!

But does it really work?  Some research says yes.  According to a German professor who did a study way back in 1848, plants do actually respond to attention and talk.  Of course, he also believed that plants had emotions.  There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence on that, but studies have shown that, for whatever reason, some plants do seem to grow better when talked to.  Of course, it’s possible other factors were involved.  People who talk to their plants usually take very good care of them than people who don’t really care about their plants.

Another study shows that plants and flowers do respond to music, but they have a preference: in one study, plants that were exposed to soothing and classical music grew better, but plants that had to listen to rock or loud, aggressive music, actually wilted and died.  Again, this study wasn’t conclusive, and there could have been other factors involved.

There might be a scientific reason behind talking to your plants—when we talk, we exhale carbon dioxide.  Since plants use carbon dioxide to grow, this extra bit of CO2 might help.  Now, researchers do caution that it would really take a few hours of talking to a plant in close proximity for it to really have a huge effect.

So it seems like science is telling us that no, talking to plants and playing music doesn’t help.  But then there’s that huge tomato to consider, and there are other examples of amazing plants and flowers grown by people who talk to them.  Maybe there’s something to it after all?  If you enjoy talking to your plants, there’s no reason to stop.  Just be ready for some people to give you odd looks, especially if you claim your plants are talking back!

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