March Madness and You

ncaa-march-madness1March Madness is upon us!  But you don’t have to be a huge basketball fan to fall into March Madness.  The term has come to also refer to the activities many people start in the spring after winter is over.

March Madness and Men

If your man loves basketball, expect him to be parked in front of the TV for much of March.  The NCAA Men’s Division I championship is held throughout the month.  But another form of March Madness comes with the change in the weather.  Since it’s warmer, a lot of men can’t wait to get outdoors and start tinkering with their cars, riding their motorcycles, or playing a little basketball themselves.  Of course, they probably won’t be thinking about starting in on your home repair list!

March Madness and Women

Some women get into basketball as well, but many find other things to do during the month.  Many like to get a start on their spring cleaning.  They go through their clothes and get rid of anything they haven’t worn in a while.  Then, since they’ve gotten rid of a chunk of their wardrobe, they’ve got to go shopping!  Some women like to get their gardens or flowerbeds started up, although you never can tell if there will be a late March freeze or not.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Sometimes, the whole family sits down to watch the games, but if you can’t get everyone together for basketball, you can do other March Madness activities.  You can spend a lot of time outdoors, go play at the park, or go to the zoo.  It all depends on how the weather is.

We’ll help get your March Madness going with some beautiful spring flowers in Washington, D.C.!

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