March Madness Therapy

March Madness…for many men, it’s the highlight of the year.  For many women, however, it means dealing with what seems like 24/7 of basketball.  If you have a husband who is a sports fanatic, you might not be too happy this month.  However, why not take this time to get out of the house and pamper yourself?  If you’re not a big basketball fan, here’s an idea: have a little March Madness therapy to get over the constant sports!

There are a number of different things you can do for your March Madness therapy, some involving going out and some staying in.  If you want to get as far away from the sports as possible, you can make plans with your friends.  You can have a girls’ night out with dinner, a movie, or shopping.  You could also make reservations at a day spa and spend a whole day being pampered while the men enjoy themselves in front of the TV.

If you want to stay in, there are many things you can do besides watch the game.  You can curl up in bed with your favorite novel, take a relaxing bubble bath, or even sit outside and enjoy the warm afternoon sun.  You don’t even need to hit the day spa to pamper yourself at home.  Order yourself a nice bouquet of flowers, pick up a bottle of wine and some desserts from the store, and settle in for a relaxing afternoon or evening while your husband watches his favorite team.  He will never know just how relaxed and content you are…in fact, he will probably be so absorbed with the game that he might not even realize whether you’re at home or not!  But that’s OK—let him have his March Madness while you enjoy a bit of therapy

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