Summer Happenings in DC

While it’s incredibly hot outside, there’s still a lot going on in Washington, DC, in August.  The Dog Days of Summer are blazing down on us, but if you stay at home all the time, you’ll start going stir-crazy!  Here are some things going on in DC that you might want to brave the heat for.

Go on a picnic.  Yes, it’s hot outside, but there are some cool days here and there, and there are plenty of parks and other areas that are perfect for lunch.

Another activity you can do with your family is to visit the local museums.  It’s air conditioned!  While you may have been to some of them before, most have new rotating exhibits.  Plus, as kids get older, they may learn new things from exhibits they’ve seen before or appreciate them in ways they haven’t before.

There are also a lot of free summer concerts in the DC area.  The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps bands perform almost every week on different nights, so there are plenty of concerts for you to attention.  There are also musical performances at the National Mall, the Capitol, Farragut Square Park, and more.  Some are held at noon, while other performances are in the evening.

Likewise, there are always shows and plays being performed at the National Theatre and other theatres in the metro.  Take a break from your summer to enjoy a night out at the theater and one of these amazing performances.

A lot of different places in the metro also screen movies once a week during the summer.  One of the biggest screenings is the Screen on the Green at the National Mall.  Most of these screening events are free, and many either allow you to bring your own snacks or have a snack bar set up.

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